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November 30, 2006

What’s Flickr I hear you say? Well basically it’s a web site where you can upload photos of your holidays, loved ones or maybe even drunk pictures from a night out with your mates!

It doesn’t sound like anything new or exciting until someone comments on your photos or adds them to their favourite’s.

Flickr works because people actually take the time to look at your photos, if you join, you will too. It has a wide range of users, from teenagers as you would expect, CEO’s and Comedians (Dave Gorman the Google Whack guy) etc.

On a day to day basis it is very easy to use, my Dad worked it out for himself!

Now and again you come across photos from shops displaying their latest products, graphic designers, models, old football programs, charities and professional photographers etc.

Jewellery | Pro Photographer | Model | $100 Laptop Charity

We’ve even started one for a bit of fun, here is us with the Mayor of Folkestone at exhibition we did back in May.

The new office in Edinburgh we open this year

And a exciting picture of our cash registers and EPoS systems in the Hastings office!

I’ve always thought this could be nice way to sell indirectly to potential customers. So I was inspired to write this blog when I came across a posting from a blogger called Jackal, on the 26th of November 2006.

3. I have been commissioned to design a logo for a restaurant in New York. I was approached after my work was seen on ‘flickr’. I will give more details once things are finalized.

I’m sure that’s she is not the first to find work this way? It’s worth noting that Jackal is from Scotland, not New York! Like any indirect marketing approach you must add value or not been seen to direct sell, because in the digital world this is called spamming, and everyone hates spam!

You can sign up for a free account (20MB per month upload) or purchase a pro account for about 75p per month with 2,000MB upload limit.


Wallpaper for your desktop

The flickr logo maker came from these guys

Best Flickr Photos

Flickr Toys and Hacks

Most popular cameras on Flickr

Flickr Camera guide

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  1. I had read a few weeks earlier of a member on flickr having one of his photos used in a magazine to promote something or other. He had been approached after being spotted on flickr.
    At the time I thought, wow, how incredible that something like that could happen. Never dreaming that a few weeks later I would be approached to design a logo.
    Just goes to show someone is always watching.

    Comment by Jackal — November 30, 2006 @ 1:46 pm

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