Connecting To Your Business Server Remotely (Terminal Server)

March 1, 2007

Quick guide to show you how to connect to your office server over the internet.

What you need…

  • IP Address of your server, which will either be a bank for four numbers (e.g. or etc) OR web addresss (
  • Username you use to login normally when sat in your office (The account should be enabled for Remote Access)
  • Your Password
  • Oh and your office server configured as a Terminal Server and routable through the internet

1) Within Windows XP click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection (Sometimes this program can be found in the “Commuincations” folder)

2) Type in your IP Address or web address and click on Connect

3) Hopefully the Remote Desktop Connection Program will connect with your office server. Enter your username and password as if your sat at your office desk.

4) Your desktop should appear once the profile has loaded


Your Remote Desktop Connection program may fail to connect because…

  • You have the wrong IP address or Web Address
  • The internet provider (Cafe, Hotel etc) may have blocked RDP Protocol (Terminal Services) ask them
  • Your office server is down or the office Internet connection is down

You might not be able to login because

  • Your account isn’t setup for remote access
  • Username or Password are wrong
  • Your account is disabled

For more information on additional settings see

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