Promoting Your New Web Site

March 20, 2007

Now that your new shiny web site is live how can you begin to drive traffic to it? Basically you need to get as many links to your web site from other sites that are either related to your subject area and/or rank higher than yours. It is alot more complicated that this but this is the summary of it.  

This post should help to get you started.

  1. Major Search Engines
    1. – Google
    2. –  Yahoo Directory
    3. – Yahoo Search Engine
    4. – MSN
    5. – Altavista
    6. – Dmoz – Open Directory
  2. Your Current Ranking
    Before you commence your site promotion check your current site ranking using these tools. Then in a couple of weeks check back to see if it has increased. Make sure you pay attention to Alexa and related sites!
    1. PR Checker
    2. Alexa Related Sites
      Add your web site address and then click on “Get Traffic”. Then click on “Edit Info” add as much information as you can. Alexa isn’t the benchmark at which you should measure your web site popluarity.
  3. Free Web Directories
    Many of these sites will request a return link, which you should place in your credits section. You will also find it worth searching for directories that specialise in certain websites. For example Clutch and Clasp credits page lists a couple of Jewellery directories.
    1. UK Business Directory
    2. UK Small Business Directory
    4. Splut
    5. Blue Daffodil Directory
    6. B2B index
    7. Small Business Wiki
  4. Additional Directories / Search Engines – Paid and Specailised

 Additonal Information


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  1. Another one I’ve just tried tonight is article submission. Haven’t tried it before, so I’m interested to see how it goes.

    Comment by car news guy — August 3, 2007 @ 2:45 pm

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