SharePoint Services – How Microsoft Will Keep Google At Bay

May 29, 2007

As Google provides more and more web based applications that are capable of competing with Microsoft Office, does Microsoft SharePoint hold the key to keeping Google and others at bay? 

Companies like Google are already offering free web based applications such as Google Docs, a Word alternative that runs via your web browser. There are many that argue that the future of computer applications lie on the server, severed up by your web browser. What if home users stopped purchasing Microsoft Office and relied on Google web browser based applications to write their letters and calculate their tax returns? What’s more, the next generation of web browsers will allow these applications to work offline and synchronising changes back to the server when connection to the internet becomes available again. So businesses need not worry about that aspect.

SharePoint Services, what is it?

Having worked for Microsoft a number of years ago I can really see how this product was born. You couldn’t find anything on the internal intranet, actually it was lots of intranets ran by different departments. 

SharePoint Services is a Microsoft’s solution to provide a more centric business platform upon which business intelligence (Data and applications) are found in one location, typically via the web browser. It’s what business intranets and extranets should of been last decade, web 2.0 rather than web 1.0? Users no long need to care where their data is stored or how they share it with fellow colleagues. Core business systems can be accessed from one window (Web Browser) and can interact and share data seamlessly with Microsoft Office another third party applications. With future versions of Office and SPS the boundaries between locally installed applications and server based will merge further.Dare I say it, you could say that Microsoft SharePoint is little bit like Google for the Enterprise?

Internet boat

Microsoft completely missed the boat with the internet revolution, they had the power and money to easily become a Yahoo or Google, at the very least add this to their portfolio of services.

If you can lay your hands on a copy of the first edition of Bill Gates’ 1995 book, “The Road Ahead,” you’ll find that Bill didn’t think that the Internet wasn’t going to be that important at all.,1895,1851895,00.asp

To an extend they are still trying to this day, with rumour of Microsoft buying Yahoo almost daily occurrence and the rebranding of MSN and Live Search. Google recently purchase DoubleClick an advertising network. Couple of weeks later Yahoo with Comcast and now Microsoft splashes the cash with aQuantive. Google is nearing it’s purchase of Feedburner, I wonder if Yahoo and Microsoft will get their cheque books out, and today Greenborder. Could Microsoft miss the boat again?

So is Microsoft worried?

Personally I don’t think so. They are already fighting fire with fire with Microsoft Office Live. The latest version of SharePoint Services (2007) you have the ability to do blogs, wikis, forums, personal pages (called MyPage’s) and the killer ingredients, it all interacts seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Server Technologies, a well established business application. The majority of operating systems, email servers and applications in large enterprises are Microsoft solutions. Google maybe number one on the internet, but in large enterprises circles they are none existed.

Burning it at both ends

Google Apps –><– SharePoint

I know doubt that Google will probably do a better job, or should I say a more fashionable job of developing online applications aimed at personal users than Microsoft Office Live. Although this market has two target audiences, home and business, with the latter worth more money?  As I mentioned before Google isn’t a power to be in the business arena, Google Mini and Google Earth at a push? Microsoft can do it’s best with Office Live to take on Google App’s, but with SharePoint Services it can push from the other end.


At the moment Google services are aimed at home, SoHo and Small business users. Large enterprises would not possible trust it’s key business systems to be at the mercy of external provider. To make any hayway into the enterprise market Google would needs a platform on which to run it services. So if Google starts to beef up it’s existing Google Mini products then the fight has really started!


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