Moooooooo and Why?

June 19, 2007


That was the boss’s response to the Moo cards I sent him last week. For those of you still at a lost, Moo Cards are tiny business cards that contain photo’s from Flickr/Bebo/Facebook/Vox/Second Life set on the reverse side. Roughly, £12.99 including delivery for 100 cards printed on high quality card.


Now we already have some fantastic businesses cards recently designed by Lucy Boyd Design, but I see the Moo cards not as a replacement, but rather as an addition to them.

My reasons for purchasing the Moo cards…

  1. Remember Me?
    When networking ask the person which Moo card would you like, let them choose and as Mike said to me the other day let them have a handful! Also give them your traditional card too! I’m sure most will want to know more about the cards and there for more likely to remember you.
  2. Mini Flyers
    While waiting for my sandwich from one of the many sandwich bars dotted around the city centre of Edinburgh. I was looking at the various business related flyers and business cards, many of which where very boring and not very inspiring to pick them up. 

    Now I think Moo cards would be excellent here, because people would pickup one and then think why is that different from the one underneath, maybe take more than one and show other people, well maybe?

  3. Embracing Your Customers
    Although my boss seemed rather unsure as to the purpose of the cards, he did show them to one of our biggest clients who was rather pleased see various pictures of their tractors and diggers featured on them.
  4. Your Company Products, Services and Events
    Another talking point. Give people cards that feature your products and services as talking point. Events that you’ve attended, explain why you’ve attended them?
  5. Internal Promotion with staff?
    Some of the cards I probably won’t hand out to potential new clients. I had them printed as more as a laugh within the company, see here and here.

Something else I should also mention is the unique URL (Web Address) on the back of the card, which allows someone to find out more about the photo.

For example:

What do you think about Moo cards?



How To Use Business Cards To Network And Market Your Business

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  1. I love this idea… as I am going to, in the next year, start exploring the possibility of offering my SEO skills locally, I think these cards might be a fun way for me to help myself to “stand out from the rest”. Though I will likely not need to have two sets of cards, I might just use these as my primary. As well, it is a very cost-effective solution when starting out especially.

    Comment by Danielle — June 19, 2007 @ 11:50 pm

  2. Danielle, I know of couple of people who use it as their primary business card and I think it works very well. Looking forward to see your new business.

    Comment by Jamie — June 20, 2007 @ 9:19 am

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