Restoring Windows XP Backups on Windows Vista

July 5, 2007


Last week I installed a couple more Windows Vista machines after a series of catastrophic problems at one of our smaller clients. Then it came to restoring some files from the backups which where originally created using Window XP backup utility. Microsoft in their great wisdom has removed backwards compatibility with XP backups in Windows Vista.

So here is the work around…

  1. Start Menu >  Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features On/Off  > Select “Removable Storage Management”


  2. Once you have completed the above task, download Windows NT Backup – Restore Utility from Microsoft and install
  3. Start Menu > Type in “NT” and select NTBackup-RestoreUtility


  4. You should then be present with your old faithful Windows Backup Utility, well the restore half that is. Unfortunately it doesn’t offer any backup capabilities which would be useful because the Vista backup seems to do a full system backup (entire c:\ drive) and nothing inbetween.



Backup Alternatives?

I’ve started looking a Cobian Backup, but are there any other alternative backup solutions for small businesses?


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