Facebook Coffee Morning

July 6, 2007


Mike and Frasr

Guess what, there was no mention of the iPhone at the coffee morning today! That is why I enjoy the informal meetings held at Centotre every Friday at 8 am. We talk about real people and real businesses, how society and the internet are changing. An iPhone is not going to change anyone’s life dramatically, but maybe Facebook and other social networking sites will have an impact.

James and Dean

Facebook Explosion

Therefore, we discussed the reasons why we feel Facebook is more likely survive where others have failed or are failing. Three main points that stuck out for me where…

Reinventing the Wheel

Is there any point in trying to compete with Flickr, blogs and YouTube? Embrace them and allow your social network to suck in content that the users have already been using for a number of years. Of course, provide alternatives for those without Flickr and Blog accounts etc.

Layered Networks

As an experiment I have created two groups for our business. Terinea group which is staff only and Friends of Terinea which is for our clients, suppliers and business contacts etc. I am the gatekeeper to these networks so I can decide who is allowed in. Maybe this is a bad thing, potential allowing our competitors see who are our clients and suppliers. Although people like Doc Searls or was it Shel Israel? Anyway I first read it on Hugh Macleod blog believe…

The walls of business will come down. That’s the main effect of the Net itself. Companies are people and are learning to adapt to a world where everybody is connected, everybody contributes, and everybody is zero distance (or close enough) from everybody else. This is the “flat world” Tom Friedman wrote “The World is Flat” about, and he’s right. Business on the whole has still not fully noticed this, however.

Demographic Networks

Mike explained the potential marketing power Facebook has to offer with it various demographic networks. Mike’s a big fan of Facebook!

Other stuff

We did manage to find a couple of minutes to discuss non-Facebook matters…

· Frasr mentioned Esquire is only charging only £12 for a years subscription, we discussed how could this be?

· James showed us a website that demonstrated how much wood it takes to create a newspaper or a Yellow pages. I have whole forest under the office coffee table. Weblink anyone?

· I forgot to mention my find of the week which is the Pinck Firefox pluggin. Well worth installing, my screen shots below explain what it’s all about.

  1. image
    Select your image within Firefox, right click and send it to Picnik
  2. image
    Within Picnik you can crop, resize and recolour the image
  3. image
    Either save it to your PC or send it to your Flickr/Facebook/MySpace account
  4. image 


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  1. Hi Jamie,

    I’ve definitely been receiving a lot more friend and group invitations on Facebook these days. There seems to be a mass-migration over there.

    I hope all’s well this weekend and you have a good one.

    Comment by David Airey :: Creative Design :: — July 7, 2007 @ 5:22 pm

  2. Working unfortunately in the office this weekend, need to get the internet sorted in my new flat!

    I’ve just convinced my boss to sign up to Facebook. I notice alot the so called a list bloggers (Hugh Macleod, Searls, etc) are all talking about micro-presence or micro-blogging in the form of Twitter, Facebook and Jaiku etc. May incorprate this more into my next blog template.

    Have a good weekend!


    Comment by Edinburgh Computer Support — July 7, 2007 @ 6:07 pm

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