Another 28 Tips that will improve your Business Blog

September 11, 2007

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Following on from last months 28 Tips that will improve your business blog, here are another 28 tips that I have hand picked from a selection top business blogs.

Five Tips for Blogging

  • Choose a template – An unique one that stands out

Public Relations / Press Release Tips

  • Condense your verbal pitch down to a ten-word hook.
  • Submit to internet news sites.

Top 10 Tips to Better Business Blogging

  • Know your keywords.
  • Promote your blog consistently.
  • Encourage RSS/Atom feed subscription.

Top 7 Tips To Write an Effective Business Blog

  • Start with a topic you’re passionate about – Service/Product your business provides
  • Concentrate on shorter, more frequent entries in your blog
  • Purposefully organise the content of your blog
  • Include your key contact information on your blog

10 Principles of Successful Business Blogging

  • Edit each post you think is done.
  • Keep your opinions and beliefs to yourself
  • Treat readers like you would customers
  • Don’t start what you can’t finish

Thinking of starting a business blog? Consider this …

  • What results are you looking to achieve?
  • How will it integrate with your other marketing activities?
  • What to call your Business Blog?
I Have Industrial Business Blog… ( Now What? )
  • A Successfull Blogger Stays Focused!
  • A Succesfull Business Blog is Well Optimized.
  • A Successfull Blog Appeals to ‘Linkers’


  • Spend Some Time Learning The Basics Of Blogging
  • Become A Source Of News In Your Industry

Promote Your Business with a Company Blog

  • Decide who will be the writer
  • Choose your partnerships wisely

Top 10 Business Blogging Tips

  • Integrate the blog with your business site
  • Promote the blog through your business
  • Don’t obsess about traffic
  • Get a real design


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  1. Hi Jamie, some really useful stuff here.

    Two things that sprung to mind though – keep your opinions and beliefs to yourself – yes and no. Blogging is blogging whether it’s business or not. Readers like to know something about the author – their values, their way of thinking. That doesn’t mean opinionated or ranting, it doesn’t have to be personal stuff, but it is good to hear what you think about the business that you’re in, what you believe is important about it etc.

    The other – the picture… Pictures add a lot but I’m not sure everyone in business likes the thought of sitting down and hand-writing any more… Blogging is much more like writing an e-mail – something that people do day and daily…

    Now maybe the association with e-mail isn’t so perfect if people are e-mail overloaded – but maybe it’s a way of breaking down barriers to starting a business blog – “it’s easier than it looks…”


    Comment by Joanna Young — September 11, 2007 @ 9:44 am

  2. Those are some great tips. Have an idea for your next post ” Corporate blogs, what not to do”.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Comment by Adam — September 11, 2007 @ 8:55 pm

  3. Joanna – Good to see you again this morning. Thanks for the comment, appreciated. Keep your opinions or big rants to yourself, I would agree with that. Personal touch, I covered this a couple of weeks
    Adding a personal touch to your business blog

    Pictures yes, it helps to break the post up a little, blogs are not books.

    Adam – Good idea, I will add this to my list of draft blogs, give you a mention, thanks.

    Comment by Jamie — September 14, 2007 @ 5:49 pm

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