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September 18, 2007

windows live writer

I’m a great fan of Window Live Writer, but sometimes I feel its missing one or two features that could make my day-to-day blogging life easier. Luckily Windows Live Writer features can be extended in a similar way to Firefox .

Before you install any plugins make sure you have the latest version of Windows Live Writer as many new features have been add since the first release last year.

  1. Acronyms – Although I do my best to avoid jargon sometimes you need to use acronyms for things like HD, CRM , TB etc. Instead of having do the following, TB (TeraByte), you can just hover over the acronyms and tooltip should appear.
  2. blog this
    Blog This for Firefox –  A Firefox add-on that adds a button to the browser, that when pressed pre-populates WLW with the web page content.
  3. file upload with WLW
    Insert File(s) – Allows you to upload files (none images) to your blogging platform, instead of using FTP client.
  4. flickr
    Flickr4Writer – Integrate your Flickr services into your blog posts
  5. image
    del.icio.us bookmark plugin – Integrate your bookmarks from your delicious account.
  6. Website Capture Plugin – Create small screen shot image of a website by providing website address.
  7. AdSense Code Drop In – This plugin allows you to easily insert AdSense code straight into your blog post.
  8. image
    Insert Code for Windows Live Writer – This plugin allows your code (programming code or markup language) to maintain its format as it would appear in a editor.
  9. image
    Insert Symbol Plugin – Make inserting symbols into your blog posts an easier task.
  10. image
    Template Plugin – Start your blog post with a pre-written template.
  11. image
    Text Template – Similar to the Template Plugin that allows snippets of code or regular text to be quickly inserted into your blog post.

You can also find more plugins for Windows Live Writer at…

Windows Live Gallery


Windows Live Writer Plugins


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  1. I’m a big fan of it too. It comes in handy especially when drafting. The Flickr add-in is a useful tip – thanks for that. Jas.

    Comment by Jason Slater — September 18, 2007 @ 6:30 pm

  2. What I forgot mention in the post, was I really want a plugin that allows me to crop pictures without having to open another application.


    Comment by Jamie — September 18, 2007 @ 6:34 pm

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