A year on from Windows Vista

November 26, 2007

Mike at Digital Agency noticed this clever advert from Apple promoting bad press Windows Vista has received. Which prompted me to think about what features I like and dislike with the operating system. Check out the video if haven’t already seen it first.

The Good

  • The new Start Menu – I like the way you search for applications and documents within the start menu.
  • Snipping Tool – A simple tool makes my life a lot easier when it comes to screenshots.
  • Printer – Setting up a printer general seems like an easier affair.
  • User Friendliness – I suppose in area’s it a lot easier for the average joe to use, for long as they aren’t upset by the poor performance.
  • I’m struggling to think of anymore.

The Bad

  • Sync Center is not scalable – A small client of ours has recently grown from 2 to 7 machines within a space of a year. Windows Sync has proved it is not a 100% fool proof. Maybe it will work better when we switch to a Domain environment in the new year. I’d like to keep this for the Laptop users.
  • Control Panel Overload – If you switch to classic view the control panel is a complete nightmare.
  • Visual Effects – Both Apple and Windows are behind on this front when you look at Ubuntu.
  • Backup Software – Has had features removed so you can’t define just a directory to be backed up, no it has to be whole drive or nothing.

The Ugly

  • Hardware Hog – I’ve purchased decent laptop with 2GB of RAM and dual processors, yet it still seems to take a day to boot up.
  • Wireless Cards – I have had a couple of issues where Vista decides its going to forget the password for the wireless network.
  • Shutdown – Far too many shutdown options for the end user to choose from.

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