Blue on Windows Vista

April 2, 2008


I came into the office this morning to see that Blue had some opinions he wished to express about Windows Vista.

"In 1999 Microsoft gave us Windows ME, seven years later they gave us Windows ME 2 (Windows Vista)" – Blue

J: What do you mean Blue?

B: Well do remember Windows ME back in the 1990s? That was one poor excuse of an Operating System, built on not much better Windows 98 before it!

J: Yes I do, it was terrible, specially when you consider Windows 2000 Professional was available at the same time for business people. But surely Vista isn’t as bad as Windows ME Blue?

B: Your right, it isn’t, its worst that Windows ME! Vista is like a bad Sequel after XP, think Star Trek V, Sting 2, Star Wars 1, Speed 2, Batman & Robin, Jaws 4, Spiderman 4.

J: What, they are doing another Spiderman film?

B: Yeah!

J: So what is so wrong with Windows Vista?

B: Well you got a new machine the other day after your last Vista machine couldn’t repair itself and to be honest was a little under powered anyway (2.8 GHz 1.5 GB RAM and 128MB Video) . You also had a clients Vista machine that couldn’t repair itself either that week!

J: Yes and yes, but now my old Machine has Linux Ubuntu 8.04 on it.

B: I know, it feels like a new machine does it? And with 3D desktop enabled it puts Vista and Mac visual effects to shame?

J: Your right, it does Blue. But I think that’s a topic for another day

B: Well here is my list of complaints so far…

1. Forget about speed unless you have a 2.0GHz Duo machine and then I’d be looking at Quad Core if you can stretch to it

2. Control Panel mayhem, I can’t find anything quickly

J: Ah, but your meant to search for everything in Vista, programs, email, documents etc, that’s the thinking behind Vista

b: True, but try searching for "Windows Updates" and nothing will appear because you didn’t type it "Windows Update", that’s just laziness on Microsoft part

J: Okay, next

3. Coping files over network has only been fixed with Service Pack 1, why would they ship an OS with a problem like this?

4. Service Pack 1 actually slows down Vista, forget about it speeding things up or adding any new features

5. Mapped Network drives in a Workgroup environment never remember your passwords

6. How many ways do you need to shutdown the computer? Sometimes it doesn’t actually shutdown, it sleeps and even that doesn’t work correctly on your new desktop computer, remember this morning you wasted 20 minutes?

J: Okay, okay we are getting the picture, so what do you suggest?

B: Not much choice, Microsoft will stop large computer manufactures from ship XP machines in June, Windows 7 won’t be around till 2009/10. Linux debate always comes down to the choice of applications you need to run and isn’t as easy as Windows or Apple, although this is improving. Apple operating system has MS Office and Adobe applications going for it, but they are expensive compared to the specs of a Windows machine and if you’re a large company, Apple Servers are ludicrously expensive bit of kit, £3,000 for a basic server. What do you think Jamie?

J: Well I think if your out for a new laptop or desktop which will run Vista, 2 GB of RAM, 2 GHz Duo Processors and separate video card which doesn’t steal system memory or is what you should be aiming at.

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Author: Support @ 8:00 am


  1. Hey Blue…

    Liked your version of views .. It seemed as if you have just spoked what a genuine windows lover will quote.

    But one thing i want to ask where are you from is that you are the offspring of Microsoft BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH (BOD) :)

    Comment by Joe Morrison — April 2, 2008 @ 8:35 am

  2. Great post Jamie. I’ve currently got the Vista Blues too. Just ordered some extra ram to take me up to 2Gb and hopefully get some kind of normal speed back. After that the next step is a reinstall & downgrade to XP.

    Definitely going to look at Ubuntu and Mac’s this year but just need to find some spare time first in case it stops me working for a week while I get used to it!! :–)

    Comment by Fraser Edwards — April 2, 2008 @ 9:51 am

  3. Vista is still in my drawer but I am planning to give it another go on my Rock Laptop – 3.6 GHZ P4 1GB Ram! With XP on the way out soon ( I may not be able to hold off especially as I am already receiving support requests for Vista.

    In the words of Highlander “There can be only one!” – I just didn’t realise he was talking about Windows!

    Great to see you posting again!


    Comment by Jason Slater — April 2, 2008 @ 12:46 pm

  4. Joe – Blue is from the Cmon’s a Spanish Band I think. We adopted him as the office mascot. Just so happens to be called blue. I’m not MS hater at all, I really like Office 2007 and Windows Live Writer etc.

    Fraser – Linux can be equally painful too when you don’t know what you are doing, but it doesn’t hog the computer resources like vista. Ubuntu has nice feature to add additional software without any fuss, think Add/Remove in Windows with online directory, tick the box and the program is downloaded along with any other additional files the system needs. Watch Microsoft have this in their next OS.

    Jason – My new machine came with XP pre-installed but I decided to go with Vista for support issues. My main machine is a laptop with XP. It really needs replacing, but I don’t want Vista. Really considering an Apple, plus I have a new client who are phrasing out Windows for Apple’s, so I could do with expanding my knowledge in this area.

    Love the highlander line!


    Comment by Jamie — April 2, 2008 @ 2:50 pm

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