My Favourite Mac Software – Part I

January 13, 2009

Five in Edinburgh

Working at Terinea I use a mixture of different computers and software. Windows XP/Vista/Server, I use everyday at work for user and server support. Linux is the main work horse behind most of our clients systems and software, but my main computer is my Apple MacBook Pro.

Since making the switch to Mac in April last year I couldn’t see myself ever going back to Windows. As I’ve not blog much about Mac’s since getting one or should I say not blogging very much at all in 2008 I thought I would share some of my favourite Mac software that I have discovered over the last 9 months, some even run on Windows!

  • Chicken of the vnc – VNC viewers aren’t the best on the Mac compared to Windows but this one appears to be the best one.
  • Deeper – Additional System Preferences (Control Panel) Settings
  • FileZilla 3 – FTP Client for Linux, Windows and Mac.
  • Quicksilver – Hard to explain, replacement for the docking bar and spotlight to quickly launch programs.
  • Transmission – P2P/torrent download for downloading Linux Distro’s of course!
  • TextWrangler – I don’t like the built in text editor on the Mac
  • Remote Desktop Connection – RDP client from Microsoft
  • KeePassX – Password Database
  • OpenOffice 3 – Microsoft Office replacement. I’ve tried the others from Apple and Microsoft, and I feel this is the best for the Mac, although I still think Office 2007 for Windows is the best office application.
  • FreeNode – Mind Mapping Software (Freemind for Windows)
  • Fluid – For making web applications into dockable icons, for example I have one for Basecamp.
  • Virtualbox – Open Source Virtual Machine from Sun MicroSystems for Windows and Linux
  • Zenmap – Network Port scanner for Apple (Nmap for Windows)
  • Default FolderX – Helps to make saving files to suitable directory a quick process.
  • Adium – Instant Messenger application that supports a wide range of protocols (MSN, Jabber, Gtalk)

A good resource for additional Mac software is

What’s your favourite Mac software?

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  1. Jamie,

    10.5 Leopard has built in VNC Screen Sharing support via the Finder->Connect to Server and the vnc:// protocol

    I love TextMate and Transmit for editing and FTP. Versions for SVN. Things for GTD. Other little things I use are Monolingual, I Love Stars, NetNewsWire and PixelStick.

    Comment by Nev — January 14, 2009 @ 7:48 pm

  2. Thanks for that list, I suppose I should check it out even though I am a Windows loyalist.

    Comment by Metaspring — February 6, 2009 @ 4:41 am

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