Which Firefox extensions would you pay money for?

July 30, 2007

firefox extensions, add-ons or pluggins

Extensions add some great functionality to Firefox. Although with thousands available, your web browser can quickly become overloaded. But what if you had to pay for them, which extensions would you really install?

Here’s ten extensions I use on daily basis and have made the effort to installing them on more than one machine on a number of occasions.

  1.  image
    – If you use more than one machine (linux, vista, apple etc), get Foxmaks to synchronise your bookmarks between all your machines, acts as a backup too.
  2. image
    – Create more micro-blogging content with CoComment. Every time you leave a comment on various blogs, YouTube or Flickr etc, have CoComment website produce an RSS feed.
  3. image
    – If your a web developer or blogger I couldn’t recommend this pluggin more, one of my favourite for saving time. I know your browser has smart forms, i.e. remembers what you’d written in pervious forms, but sometimes they become a little overcrowded.
  4. image
    – I think most people would probably not use delicious if it wasn’t for this extension?
  5. image
    – If your concern about Google ranking of your website’s, like to spy on the competition or concern who you link to then this add-on gives you Alexa and Google Page rank in the bottom right hand side.
  6. image
    Google Notebook 
    – Have quick snippets of text available within your browser, useful for regular used HTML and formulating blog posts. I lke this because I can share text between multiple machines.
  7. image
    – This extension allows you edit images you find on web pages online (IE and Firefox). When your done you can send them to flick, photobucket or just save them to your desktop. I’ve briefly mentioned this one before.
  8. image
    vtigerCRM Toolbar
    – This won’t interest 99% of people unless you have the excellent vTiger CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management Software). This toolbar allows us quick access to our CRM to add contacts, leads, notes and task etc.
  9. image
    Web Developer Toolbar
    – This tool bar provides a loads of features that can make a web developers life alot easier. Some of my favourite features are window resizing for testing on smaller displays, div ordering, line guides and auto form populating.
  10. image
    Text Formatting Toolbar
      – Recently our company has gone a little Wiki mad. So this toolbar makes inserting wiki code a lot easier. Not into Wiki’s, you can also use it to insert HTML and BBcode.


Your Firefox Extensions

I’d love to know which Firefox extension you can’t live without. You might only have two extension you would pay for or it maybe twenty? You may have a similar list as mine or extensions that do the same job but are slightly better?

To get us started I have tagged a couple of my favourite blogs who generally blog about different things to give us a wider spectrum…


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What’s this weeks internet buzz? Pownce

July 11, 2007

Over the last couple of months or so, the internet buzz could be summed up as…

twitter, jaiku, facebook, iphone, pownce

I’ve touched on Twitter before and even had a play around with itJaiku is nice because it pulls all our various Web 2.0 feeds together and reformats them into a timeline, see the right hand side. I am currently playing around with Facebook from both a personal and business point of view. Okay the iPhone is not a Web 2.0 technology, but I could hardly not mention it. Especially after the rave review my flatmate gave it. The company he works for designed the sound chip inside it and hence had his hands on one. Then the end of last week the new buzz has been Kevin Rose’s new venture, Pownce.

What is Pownce?

Its a way to send files to other people via the internet with a social networking spin to it. Someone describe it as twitter on steroids. 

Pownce is a way to send stuff to your friends. What kind of stuff? You can send just about anything: music, photos, messages, links, events, and more. You can do it all on our web site, or install our lightweight desktop software that lets you get out of the browser.


Pownce appeals to me because quite often I transfer large files between the two offices using Skype. Sometimes we have issues with Skype so another way of doing this is a bonus. Add the social networking element and Pownce could be a good tool for businesses with two or more offices.

Invitation Only

Although the Pownce is currently invitation only during it’s beta stage.  Luckily I was sent an invite code from Rieke-Benninghaus who left a comment on The Thinking blog, thank you.

I now have six invite codes, so if you would like invitation to Pownce, please leave me your email address in a comment below, maybe use something like emailme(a)terinea(dot)co(dot)uk to stop spammers.


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Bootable CD to the rescue!

July 9, 2007


A couple of weeks ago I had some hard drive issues with a clients PC which stored the majority of their business data. Although backup was performed the night before, the hard drive failure occurred later on the next day. So it was essential to recover the days work from the failing hard drive. In this post I will mention a couple of strategies and tools that could aid the recovery of the data from the failing hard drive. It is also worth noting that a couple of these tools can help with lost passwords, boot up issues, spyware and viruses.

Don’t boot up!

Whenever face with a problem like this, you must avoid booting up your operating system (Windows, OSX etc) as extra disk activity will more than likely cause more damage to the hard drive. A bootable recovery CD will run a mini operating system which

Decision Time

You have two choices when it comes to recovering your data and fixing the machine. If your machine still manages to boot into the operating system you should try taking a complete snap shot of the failing hard drive onto a new hard drive. Swap the failing drive with the drive you just copied the files too and fingers crossed the Operating System will automatically repair itself, backup!

If your machine isn’t booting then you need to copy the files to a secondary drive (internal or external USB drive), insert a new hard drive, re-install the operating system, applications and data from fresh.

Shopping List

  • External USB Hard Drive
  • New hard drive
  • Operating System CD/DVD
  • Driver Disks
  • Applications
  • Recovery software
  • Blank CD’s
  • Time, luck and patience!



The important bit, Recovery Software

One CD all Windows/Linux people should have handy is the Ultimate Boot CD. This CD is packed with tools that can save your bacon and it’s free! The website has an extensive list on all these tools, but here are my recommendations…

  • HDClone – For copying the entire contents of the drive to a new hard drive, HDClone has a fairly easy interface and will continue to work even if there are errors existing on the hard drive.
  • G4U – Command line interface with options to recover data to a network resource such as FTP server, G4U can also be downloaded separately onto a floppy disk
  • Ranish Partition Manager – Copy, resize and edit disk partitions
  • Cute Partition Manager – Same as above
  • NDN – File recovery and editor

You can also check out UBCD which has a handful of useful tools such as…

  • Spyware
    • Ad Aware
    • Spy Bot
    • CWShredder
    • Hijack This
  • Virus removal
    • McAfee Stinger
    • ClamWin
  • Firefox, Notepage, PDF Viewer, Zip etc

Another windows recovery CD is BartPE which I’ve used successfully in the past to recover a Window Server machine. Both disks do require a copy of Windows CD and little bit of configuring, but if you have a spare hour, get one built ready for an emergency.

Apple People

The Ultimate Bootable CD might work with latest Intel Apple Macs, other wise check out the websites below…

Bootable Mac CD

How to create a bootable CD in Mac OS X 

How to Make a Bootable Emergency CD

Carbon Copy Clone

Professional Data Recovery Mac Utility

Remember, always Backup, Backup, Backup and Backup!


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Copying Files Between Your Apple Mac and Windows Server Using Remote Desktop Connection

May 3, 2007

If your business has a Windows Terminal Server and you use Remote Desktop Connection Client on your Apple Mac to access Windows based programs such as Sage or other bespoke business applications. You can very easily transfer files between these two machines by simply by ticking “Disk Drives” found under Options > Local Resources.  This would also work for a Windows PC which isn’t connected to your busines domain and also should you need access to local printers simply by ticking “Printers” check box.


When you remote desktop into the server and browse to the My Computer you should see the following…

These are the local drives on your Apple Mac.

More information at…





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7 Ways You Could Use Apple TV In Your Business

April 9, 2007

Everyone in the web /blog community seem to be getting excited by the arrival of Apple TV, so I jumped on the bandwagon and came up with this, 7 Ways You Could Use Apple TV in Your Business!

  1. Record Documentary Focused On Your Business Sector – Maybe on a Friday afternoon when most people tend to take the foot off the accelator ready for the weekend. You could show a documentary that was on Channel 4 on Tuesday night about the state of Farming in Britain because your Plant Hire company that contracts out tractors to farmers. Getting your staff to understand what your clients daily challenges are?

  2. Play Music In The Office – Allow everyone in the office to pick a tunes to play throughout the day. Maybe say today we can only play music from South America, new artists or artists from the 70’s etc. You can also just use the Apple Box to listen to internet radio stations rather than having someone’s PC/Mac always turned on.

  3. Off Beat Programs – Allow your staff to watch offbeat programs at lunch time such as Top Gear from Sunday night or maybe “Location, Location, Location” because this week Kirsty and Alistair are in Edinburgh and your Edinburgh Castle Property Limited. Working Lunch on BBC Two is a fantastic program that delivers topical business news with a dash of humour.

  4. Podcasts – On the similar lines of a documentary find a podcast (What’s a Podcast?) that’s related to your business sector. Find a podcast at: http://www.podcast.net/
  5. Reception/Shop Window Slide Show – Use Apple TV to show case your photographs of your products, services, clients and events to people entering your reception area or in your shop window. You could also use video instead of photographs.

  6. Working Late – Maybe tonight you need your web designers to work late tonight on a project but it’s Wednesday and it’s Liverpool v Chelsea in the Champions League Semi Final!
  7. Sports Events – Let your staff watch major sportings events at work, like the World Cup, need I say anymore.





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11 Ways to Speed up your Apple Mac

March 14, 2007

I don’t personally use a Apple Mac but a number of our clients, business contacts and the managing director do. I’m pretty sure like the PC your Mac needs a little attention in the maintenance area now and again?

Find out how at : http://lowendmac.com/eubanks/07/0312.html

Sorry I didn’t mean to use an old picture of a Mac, here is a new one!


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Free Desktop Blogging Clients

March 23, 2006

If you blog on a daily basis you should check out a offline or desktop blogging client to make things even easier for yourself. They work a little like word processing program like MS Word or web editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver, and in fact if you use Blogger.com check out this plug-in for Word. http://buzz.blogger.com/bloggerforword.html

Anyway as I was saying the clients act like a word processor allowing you to format, save posts locally to your machine, edit old posts, post to multiple blogs, insert pictures, back date posts and spell check your posting. Best of all they are a lot quicker than logging into your blogger via a browser. All the clients below are free and I've found one for each operating system:-

  • Flock Web Browser – Not a true standalone client but all in one Web 2.0 client which works on all operating systems. Still in early beta so maybe worth checking out in May 06 when a stable release is due.
  • Qumana – A freeware client for both Mac and Windows operating system. I've tried both the beta and version 2 on Windows and it's not bad for freebie. Includes uploading of files automatically, can cope with multiple blog accounts. The only draw back being you can't back date postings. The beta did crash a number of times when trying to write up this post, arh! Having said that I still use it with along with Semagic.
  • Semagic – One of the first blogging clients I've used and still do today. Its quality product that can be found on the open source SourceForge web site but only for Windows. Lacks some features for managing old postings, can't upload files and setting up multiple blog accounts isn't the smoothest operation.
  • W.Bloggar – Freeware application for the Windows platform only. Similar to Semagic but only HTML editing mode which is rather poor when the whole idea of the blogging client is to make things simple. Semagic allows you to switch between WYSIWYG and HTML.
  • Thingamablog – An opensource application which can run on all platforms. It does look rather good with lots of well laid out features especially if you host your own blog site. If your not hosting it yourself, it becomes rather complicated. So much so I couldn't get it to work with blogger.com which is a shame. Leave a comment if you know all the FTP/API settings for Blogger.com.
  • BlogniX – One for the Linux people, haven't tried it myself but I'm sure it does the job.
  • Deepest Sender – Extension for Firefox that allows integrated blogging within the browser. You can run it from within Tools drop down menu or right click on a page to blog it. Only recently discovered this client so can't comment too much on it, but looks like its worth a try.


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