New Clients + New Projects + More New Clients = No Blogging!

February 24, 2008


After several extremely busy weeks, work is showing signs of getting back to normal, well nearly. When working for yourself or a small business anything not mission critical often gets pushed to one side when your busy. Blogging unfortunately is one them that has to take a back burner.

As a small business wanting to grow, you can’t afford to say no to new clients or new work requests from existing customers. If you provide business critical systems you often have to drop everything to deal with support issues, which might take 5 minutes to fix or 5 hours. If you’re in the middle of project work this can be rather counter productive.

So since Christmas we have been working on…

  • Three group websites, with a group splash page and customised WordPress template for group news (75% finished)
  • CRM Demo system and basic user training
  • Four new IT support clients in Edinburgh (2 x Charities, Agricultural and a Design Agency)
  • Four other websites in various stages of progress
    • Press Release Website
    • Charity Website
    • Fencing Company
    • Shower company
    • Boys Club Football Team
  • Fully ERP System which encompasses front facing touch screen ordering system, stock control via hand held devices, invoicing, accounts and dispatch (Those devices that you sign when you get a delivery from TNT, UPS etc).
  • Order system that allows small Sony distributors to integrate with Sony stock control system.
  • And probably other hundred things I’ve done and now forgotten about.

What hasn’t helped is Christmas. I find that clients tend to take their foot off the accelerator in December and then at the start of the new year feel bad for doing so and then push hard. That’s just business for you. It doesn’t matter what type you’re in, you will find that you push for input from a client and when you finally it get it, the client will want the solution delivered yesterday.

Blog Buffer

I’ve mentioned before how important it is for a business running a blog to have a buffer of draft blog posts for business periods. Unfortunately our buffer ran out weeks ago. So if you already have a draft of blog posts, double it is my advice!

Thank you to everyone for your comments and sorry I’ve not replied to them, I will do shortly.


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Protecting Your Blog: David Airey’s story

January 28, 2008

Christmas Crackers

Last Month David Airey was victim of a hacker (Cracker) that managed to transfer his domain name, Within a couple of weeks with some help from the blogsphere, David managed to transfer his name back. David story is a timely reminder that your website/blog isn’t bullet proof from attack.

A week after this happened, one of my mates had £500 ($1000) taken from his PayPal account which was caused by his eBay account being hacked into. Fortunately PayPal refunded this money, well done PayPal!  This certainly made me think again about web security.

You can read more about David’s story below:-

  1. David hacked

  2. Google Gmail Security Hijack

  3. Collective effort restores David

How can you protect your blog?

1. Backup your blog posts – Your blog has two parts, the files stored on the web server and the data stored in the blog database.

2. Use strong passwords – Always throw a mixture of numbers and none-numeric characters in your passwords.

Top 10 Most Common Passwords In The UK

3. Change your passwords – As well as having strong passwords, make sure you rotate or change the most important ones at least four times a year. Even if its just to increment a number within the password.

4. Use Feedburner – This really saved David’s bacon because the majority of his readers (3,000 of them) where subscribed via his Feedburner address rather that directly from his blog. I’ve wrote about this subject before…

Getting the whole picture, WordPress and Feedburner

5. Avoid Free Email Accounts – Whenever possible use a private email address for important account registration details such as domain, website hosting etc. Alternatively have a free email account that is only used for account registrations.  

6. Install the latest version – Whatever your blog platform maybe (WordPress, Durpal etc), make sure you try to keep up-to-date with the latest version. Yes this can be some what of a pain, but whenever working on your blog, try and fit an update.

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What will your blog look like in 2008?

December 23, 2007


Setting goals for any project is always a good idea, so why not set yourself some goals for your blog in 2008. Make them public too, that way you will feel a little more obliged to achieve them.

Friday was meant to be my last post for a week or so. Then I came across 2008 Blogging Goals over at Daily Blog Tips and decided to set myself and the team some blogging goals for 2008.

Increase the number of readers from 100 to 500

Maybe a bridge too far, but I might as well aim high. I would be more than happy with 200-300, but lets go with 500.

Three to four posts a week

I usually try and post 3 to 4 times a week, I would like to see this continue while maintaining a certain standard. In order to archive this goal I will need a health buffer of blog posts ready to go live for the busier periods.

Improve my grammar

I’ll be the first to admit my English isn’t great, I certainly don’t mind when people point out mistakes.

Blog Redesign

I finally managed to get around to moving the blog in the Autumn and then soon after redesigned the blog. Although, I’m not that happy with it, I could do a lot better.

Increase the average number of comments per post

Currently I have 1.4 comments per post, which is probably more like 0.9 after you remove all the track backs and our comments. It would be nice to increase this to 2-3 comments per post.

Get my co-workers to blog some more

Hopefully the guys can blog a little more, maybe once a month wouldn’t be too much to ask?

Be a guest writer

Write a guess post for someone else.


Have a go at doing a video/podcast, maybe interview another another blogger.

What are your blogging goals for 2008?

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Happy Christmas From Terinea

December 21, 2007

I’m a bit disorganised at Christmas. I leave the shopping till Christmas eve, get the last train down to see the parents and completely forget to send Christmas cards to friends and relatives, never mind clients! So here is a virtual Christmas Card from Terinea.

Robin, Mark, Jamie Dog, Bill Gates and Jamie

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100 Readers, Excellent, Thank You!

December 18, 2007


A big thank you to everyone who subscribes.

Terinea Weblog

Jamie, Robin and Mark.

Ps Did you know, if you leave five or more quality comments we automatically remove the nofollow tag to your blog site?

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Increase your blog popularity with weekly and monthly email subscriptions

December 17, 2007

three weeks worth of mail

Subscribing to a blog via RSS feed is still an alien concept to the majority of people. So its always a good idea to offer subscription to your blog via email. Although Feedburner can offer this, I find its lack of features will almost certainly put off readers.

An RSS Reader is the best way to keep up-to-date with your favourite blogs and website’s. Although the concept of Blog Feeds and Readers can seem a complicated affair to less experienced users. So its a good idea to provide email subscriptions for your blog. Yes Feedburner offers email subscriptions, but if you post more than twice a week, users can quickly become tired of receiving emails every time a post goes live. I know myself that I never really read email newsletters, often flagging them as junk or un-subscribing. They just get in the way of more important things and fill up your mailbox with junk.

Feedblitz v Feedburner

What you really need is a RSS to email subscription service that allows you control when and how often emails are delivered. As I mentioned Feedburner is limited, only letting you specify the time of delivery, not the frequency.

Feedblitz, an alternative to Feedburner allows you far greater control over email subscriptions. Not only time and frequency of emails, but…

  • the number of posts
  • instant newsflashes
  • customise format of email
  • import email addresses
  • category filtering
  • and updates via Skype and Twitter
  • Its also free!

A full feature list can be found at Feedblitz Feature List.

Feedblitz Control Panel 

Feedblitz Control Panel

Users can now quickly skim through the weeks worth of blog posts and click on those which interests them. Why stop at a weekly newsletter, when you could even offer a monthly version. You can also take your existing feed from Feedburner and tire that straight into Feedblitz.


Sample of how Terinea Weblog email will look when delivered to your mailbox.

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What is a RSS Feed?

December 16, 2007

Simply the best explanation for understanding RSS Feeds and RSS Readers.
I would recommend that you try Google Reader to read your favourite blogs and websites.

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