Tech Weekly in Edinburgh – Guardian Podcast

May 7, 2008


Last month I had double helping of my weekly coffee morning, when the Guardian held their weekly Tech Podcast in Edinburgh, Home House on Picardy Place. The Guardian was looking to find out more about Technology and Scotland, in particular the gaming industry.

Only managed an hour, but it was interesting to see the wide range of technology companies operating in Edinburgh and Scotland.

image image image

You can listen to the podcast here and find out more about Jemima Kiss (Blog) and Aleks Krotoski (Blog) from the Guardian.

My flickr set here and Mike’s from Digital Agency here.

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Do it yourself Internet Marketing

February 27, 2008


Last year I met David Bain of Purple Internet Marketing at a Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce event. January this year he sent me pre-launch copy of his 26 Week Plan which is available to buy tomorrow.

As you know I’ve been particularly busy over the last two months and as a result have yet to take a serious look at the Internet Marketing Plan. So here is quick shout out for David and in the mean time you can download a free 61 Page guide by simply registering at…

26 Week Plan Free PDF

Full review to come shortly.

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Developer Day Scotland

January 30, 2008


If you’re a software/web developer in the Scotland area, you might be interested in Developer Day Scotland taking place on the 10th of May at Glasgow Caledonian University. To get a feel of what the day is about, check out the video from a American Developer Day below.

Video: DDD TeaserFor more info, click on banner below.


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BarCamp Scotland 2008

January 14, 2008


Next month sees the return of BarCamp Scotland after last years huge success meet up. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend last year, but this year, the date has priority in my diary. So what is BarCamp?

What is BarCamp Scotland?

Mentioned the word “BarCamp” to me last year and I too would of been confused!

In basic terms, BarCamp is a conference with an informal approach, events are less organised and tend to happen more spontaneously. But unlike conferences, BarCamp is a two way affair, where attendees can help by give talks or demos, offering premises to hold the event, supply food and drink, help with administration etc. Like BarCamp Scotland, these ad-hoc un-conferences tend to centre around technology related subjects, although there have been other non-tech related BarCamp’s.

So in summary if a traditional conference is propriety software, then a BarCamp is open source software.

BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants — often focusing on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats.
Wikipedia explanation of BarCamp

BarCampScotland 2008


BarCamp Scotland 2008 starts at 10am and finishes at 9pm on Saturday the 2nd of February. Additionally this year, BarCamp has pre-launch cocktail party on the 1st, more details below:-

BarCamp Scotland will be held on Saturday the 2nd of February 2008 from 10.00 to 21.00 GMT in the Concourse of the Appleton Tower at the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The night before on Friday, the 1st of February, BarCampScotland will be launch with a cocktail party and presentations on “Digital Arts, Sound Design and Media” in the Alison House in the School of Architecture at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland. BarCamp Scotland will start at 18.00 on Friday and end at 21.00.

Friday night will be “Digital Arts and Media”; Saturday’s theme will be “Web 2.0, Social Networking (Facebook especially), The Intersection of Arts and Informatics, The Intersection of Cleantech and Information Technology, Mobile applications, Open Innovation, Software as a Service, Consumer robotics applications, Educational Software, eLearning, Web 3.0 and Virtual Worlds and Environments”.


Some related links…

Tips for conference bloggers

10 Top Tips for Unplanning the Perfect Unconference

12 Months of Edinburgh Coffee Morning

January 8, 2008

Next Friday will mark a year of Edinburgh Coffee Mornings, which almost certainly, was one of my highlights for 2007. Mike Coulter started the like minded meeting of web developers, marketing people, IT people, book authors, business coaches, teachers, publicans, professional podcasters, film makers, affiliate marketing and Ewan.

If you’re in the Edinburgh area why not come along? We meet at 8 am every Friday morning at Centotre. More information on our Facebook Group


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Welcome Back!

January 7, 2008


Hello and welcome to my first new post of 2008. Like many people after the Christmas period, I decided to hold back before posting any fresh content. So for my first post, I’m not going to talking about one subject, just a mixture of news you may of missed, up coming events and anything else that breaks me back into the swing of things.



Last weeks biggest news was about Robert Scoble getting kicked off Facebook. Scoble is probably one of the most famous people in the blogsphere, who blogs about new technology. Robert is afraid to speak his mind, which probably makes him stand out from the crowd. Last week Robert ran a program that pulled information from his Facebook account, which in turn broke Facebook terms and conditions. Almost instantly Robert was removed from Facebook. Then within a couple of days he was back on, which has sparked much debate to weather he should of be allowed back and how much power Facebook has.

Watching Scoble in action is like taking a puppy for a walk. He is insatiably curious, and he follows every lead, no matter how daft. When some new social networking service appears, you can bet he will overdose on it. He was a predictably early subscriber to Facebook, on which he rapidly acquired 5,000 ‘friends’ (the maximum permitted by the service, apparently). He is also, needless to say, a subscriber to’s contact-management service and became interested in seeing how much overlap there might be between his Facebook friendship network and his Plaxo contacts. Which is where the fun began.

Why Facebook wants to corner the market in personal info

2008 International Consumer Electronics Show & MacWorld


This week get ready for a flood of blog posts on new technology from 2008 International CES. Here is an Interview with Bill Gates on his last CEB show.

In his 11th CES opening keynote address, Gates looked at the sweeping changes since 2001 that have created the first true Digital Decade, including the continued expansion of the popularity of Windows-based PCs, the growing prevalence of broadband networks, the spread of mobile phones and the advent of portable digital media devices.

Then next week expect more iHype from the MacWorld. You can read about some of the rumours at.. 

Christmas & New Year


I’ve mentioned before, that its good to break up a business blog with some personal content now again. So here is what I got up to over Christmas and New Year period…

My sister and her boyfriend came over from Spain to visit the parents in Lancashire. We managed to catch a game at Anfield, Liverpool. Then they came up to Edinburgh for New Year or Hogmanay as its called in Scotland.


I treated my sister and her Spanish boyfriend to the delights of Haggis Neeps and Tatties with Sheep Dip Whisky sauce.

image  image

And just last week we had snow in Edinburgh, here is my snowman donning my Russian hat.

Don’t worry if this is sounding all too personal, we will return with our regular program soon!

What did you get up to over Christmas and New Year?

Oh Happy New Year!

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Let’s Do Business 2007

November 19, 2007


Last Thursday Terinea attended Let’s Do Business exhibition for businesses in the East Sussex and Kent area. Like the previously year the show was well attended and unlike the pervious year, we were more prepared with our new banner stands.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello!


Danny from Gibbons Mannington and Robin


The Terinea stand with Robin and Kirsty


Moo cards and our promotional material


Graham from Boueti IT talking to Robin


Me and Robin


I won a TV/DVD player from Seaspace, thank you!


Couple of our clients also had stands at the show:-


Trade Paints


Trevor from Work Place Projects


While down in England I decided to spend some time in London. Here are a couple of interesting things I saw, apart from the usual London tourist attractions.


6 Foot Windows error message in the middle of Leicester Square.


The English Premiership Trophy in Harrods and…


Apple Store where you could play with a fully functional iPhone, so hats off to Apple for that.

More pictures at our Flickr set

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