Terinea Weblog Review – Tech Overload

January 4, 2008

We always try and keep the technical jargon to a minimal, but sometimes we need to get a little technical. Here are the best Tech Overload posts you may of missed from 2007.

Printers of the future

What we can expect from printers of the future.

How to make your Wiki easier to use

Wiki’s are great idea for businesses, but the most popular wiki software, Wikimedia could be a little more easier to use. Here we show you how to add a Word styled toolbar to make editing quick and easy.

10 Resources To Improve Your Wireless Network

Well over 20 ideas to improve your wireless network not only in terms of signal strength, but also the security.

Bootable CD to the rescue

The Ultimate Boot CD is an excellent free piece of software that can reset forgotten passwords, virus removal, recover data from corrupt operating systems amongst a long list of things.

20 Pointers for planning your backup strategy & 12 Ways to backup your data

Lots of advice on how you can backup your company data.

Free Remote Support Software

Crossloop is a free piece of software that allows you to remote control computers remotely.

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Terinea Weblog Review – Blogging

January 2, 2008


A selection of posts on blogging that you may of missed throughout 2007.

How to move your WordPress blog and keep the traffic flowing

If you need to move your WordPress blog or keep track of 404 pages, you should check out the excellent Redirection plugin.

How many Google Readers do you have?

Find out how many people read your blog using Google Reader.

Blogs and Wikis: Growing influences and markets of the Internet

I attend a talk given by Mark Fletcher on businesses and blogs.

28 Tips that will improve your business blog

Things I’ve learnt while blogging for business.

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How good is your business blog – November

December 10, 2007


How good is your business blog is a monthly review on Terinea Weblog progress. I have listed a number of methods to measuring your blog progress. Keeping a record on your blog progress helps to give you encouragement in the early days and hope for the future.


This month saw Terinea Weblog get 1,500 hits in just one day. This was due to our Warning: 50 IT ideas to improve your business today post getting stumbled and then appearing briefly on the popular website popurls.com. If you would like to know more about Stumble Upon check How to Use StumbleUpon like a Pro.


Page views and unique visitors double from last months figures.



My Technorati Authority has started recovering from the blog move, but as I mentioned last month, I feel Technorati Authority and Rank make little difference to traffic, unless you have a really high figure.


The average number of daily readers dropped by two, but I think feedburner had an issues in November that saw everyone’s amounts drop. The number of comments is still down from the move of the blog in October.


Blog Juice move up to 1.9 from last months 1.7.

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Five of the best – November 2007

December 3, 2007


Five of our best posts from November 2007.

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What are blogs?

November 29, 2007

business week blogs and business

I guess the majority of people who read Terinea Weblog, already know what blogs are? Although, I realised the other day I’ve never actually explained in my own words what blogs are.

Blogs are not a new technology

I find most people struggle to understand the concept of blogging because they are looking for a piece of new technology to be involved. Usually when explaining something new in computing it will involve a new piece of hardware or software. Blogs on the other hand, are simply a collection of web pages which are commonly referred as blog posts. The new posts appear in date order with the latest post appearing at the top of the page. You can think of them as a online journal or web log, hence the name weblog which has been shortened to blog. Posts can contain anything from text, pictures, quoted text from other website’s, links to other blogs, music, charts, tables or embedded video.


The Community

So far you might be thinking so what, they sound like a regular website? Well blogs (good ones!) are all about the community of readers that read and leave comments. For example if you disagree or wish to add something to this particular post, you can simply scroll down the page and leave a comment. As one of the authors of the blog I should acknowledge your comment and maybe even update the post if the comment adds value.


Tell me when you update

Another big different with blogs over regular website’s is something called Really Simple Syndicate Feed or RSS Feed. You might of seen the RSS Feed logo on various web sites or within your web browser. Instead of visiting a blog to check for updates, a RSS Feed will inform you when the blog has been updated. In fact you don’t actually need to visit the blog at all, using something called a RSS Reader will pull new posts down for you.

Still confused? Watch this excellent video from Common Craft.

Business and Blogging

To find out why your business might want a blog, take a look at…

  • Blogs and Wikis: Growing influences and markets of the Internet
  • Benefits and Weakness for Business Blogs

Some external links

If you’re thinking about starting one for your business, check out our

Skip to the end

So in summary…

  • Blogs are a web Journal or Web log
  • Readers can subscribe to the blog using the RSS feed
  • Latest posts appear at the top
  • Old posts appear at the bottom
  • Posts can be sorted by categories and date
  • A two way medium
  • Readers can leave comments
  • Can be about anything from knitting to the stock exchange
  • Blogs should be fun and informal
  • Writing a blog is referred as blogging
  • Can be used for personal or business
  • Reading other blogs and leaving comments is as equally important to running a blog
  • Should be updated more regularly than a website
  • Use a desktop blog writer to make the whole process an easier one
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What are Firefox profiles?

November 28, 2007

firefox profiles

As applications are increasingly becoming available online, the web browser is become more of a focal point for modern computing. If you have a computer you use for both work and play it can be a bit of hassle to signing in and out of these apps. Using Firefox profiles you have separate your web accounts.

Creating a new profile is like running Firefox for the first time, a fresh and clean Firefox without your browsing history, user details, extensions and modifications. But don’t worry your previous settings are still available under the “Default” profile. You could just have a separate profile for trying out new Firefox Add-ons.

Creating a Firefox Profile?

To create a new profiles you need to run the profile manager, which for some reason is not available within the browser. First you need to close down Firefox and open it again with the profile manager switch.

  • Windows – Start > Run > type in “firefox.exe -ProfileManager” > OK
  • Linux & Apple – With the Firefox directory (Shell) type “./firefox -ProfileManager” > Enter

That’s hard bit done, now simply click on Create Profile and the Create Profile Wizard will start. Follow the wizard and your new profile will be created and a fresh feeling Firefox will start.


Next time you run Firefox (Without -ProfileManager switch!) profile manager will start automatically allowing you to select your preferred profile. Simply un-tick Don’t ask at Startup and select Default profile to revert back to previous state.


That’s it!

Find out more about Firefox Profiles at the Mozilla website.

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Friday Humour – The IT Room

November 16, 2007


Okay you’re probably not going to find this one funny (a bit geeky) unless you work with IT on a daily basis. That said, if you do work in an IT department you are going to love this show.

The IT Room

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