Firefox 3

June 17, 2008

If you’ve not already installed Firefox 3 or even worst still, not even installed Firefox before (Web Browser) then today is the day to do so.

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Halfway inbetween Mobile and Laptop : Netbooks

June 13, 2008

When you mention portable computing you might think Laptop or smart phone (iPhone, Blackberry). Last year Asus released a very small laptop for £200, kick starting this new breed of portable devices that are typically being referred as NetBooks.

This is nothing new, Microsoft tried to kick this start this […] Continue Reading…

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Tech Weekly in Edinburgh – Guardian Podcast

May 7, 2008

Last month I had double helping of my weekly coffee morning, when the Guardian held their weekly Tech Podcast in Edinburgh, Home House on Picardy Place. The Guardian was looking to find out more about Technology and Scotland, in particular the gaming industry. Only […] Continue Reading…

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Twitter in Plain English

May 6, 2008

Since Christmas I’ve just not found the time to read or write many blogs. Tonight I decided to make effort and see that Common Craft have a new video. This time its “Twitter in Plain English”.

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Open Source Helpdesk Software – Part One

May 3, 2008

One of our clients has recently asked us to advise them on which open source (free) helpdesk would be best serve their business. Basic requirements are…

Enterprise Strength – Is capable of supporting 100’s of users in different physical locations
Hardware & Software Asset Register – Can also be used to track the companies […] Continue Reading…

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Friday Humour – Mac Air v ThinkPad

May 2, 2008

The video they don’t show on TV.
Credit to

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Blue on Windows Vista

April 2, 2008

I came into the office this morning to see that Blue had some opinions he wished to express about Windows Vista. "In 1999 Microsoft gave us Windows ME, seven years later they gave us Windows ME 2 (Windows Vista)" – Blue […] Continue Reading…

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