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December 17, 2007

three weeks worth of mail

Subscribing to a blog via RSS feed is still an alien concept to the majority of people. So its always a good idea to offer subscription to your blog via email. Although Feedburner can offer this, I find its lack of features will almost certainly put off readers.

An RSS Reader is the best way to keep up-to-date with your favourite blogs and website’s. Although the concept of Blog Feeds and Readers can seem a complicated affair to less experienced users. So its a good idea to provide email subscriptions for your blog. Yes Feedburner offers email subscriptions, but if you post more than twice a week, users can quickly become tired of receiving emails every time a post goes live. I know myself that I never really read email newsletters, often flagging them as junk or un-subscribing. They just get in the way of more important things and fill up your mailbox with junk.

Feedblitz v Feedburner

What you really need is a RSS to email subscription service that allows you control when and how often emails are delivered. As I mentioned Feedburner is limited, only letting you specify the time of delivery, not the frequency.

Feedblitz, an alternative to Feedburner allows you far greater control over email subscriptions. Not only time and frequency of emails, but…

  • the number of posts
  • instant newsflashes
  • customise format of email
  • import email addresses
  • category filtering
  • and updates via Skype and Twitter
  • Its also free!

A full feature list can be found at Feedblitz Feature List.

Feedblitz Control Panel 

Feedblitz Control Panel

Users can now quickly skim through the weeks worth of blog posts and click on those which interests them. Why stop at a weekly newsletter, when you could even offer a monthly version. You can also take your existing feed from Feedburner and tire that straight into Feedblitz.


Sample of how Terinea Weblog email will look when delivered to your mailbox.

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