Let’s Do Business 2007

November 19, 2007


Last Thursday Terinea attended Let’s Do Business exhibition for businesses in the East Sussex and Kent area. Like the previously year the show was well attended and unlike the pervious year, we were more prepared with our new banner stands.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello!


Danny from Gibbons Mannington and Robin


The Terinea stand with Robin and Kirsty


Moo cards and our promotional material


Graham from Boueti IT talking to Robin


Me and Robin


I won a TV/DVD player from Seaspace, thank you!


Couple of our clients also had stands at the show:-


Trade Paints


Trevor from Work Place Projects


While down in England I decided to spend some time in London. Here are a couple of interesting things I saw, apart from the usual London tourist attractions.


6 Foot Windows error message in the middle of Leicester Square.


The English Premiership Trophy in Harrods and…


Apple Store where you could play with a fully functional iPhone, so hats off to Apple for that.

More pictures at our Flickr set

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Flickr made easy with Windows Live Writer

November 6, 2007

The Well Tempered Clavier

Windows Live Writer is a excellent blogging tool, sorry essential blogging tool! Although as I have mentioned before, it sometimes needs a couple of additional features to match your business needs. For example, an easy way to insert photos from your flickr account.

Clients must despair with people like myself, i.e. advising businesses on new technology. I advise them on something like blogging as a business tool, introduce them to tools such as Windows Live Writer to make the whole process easier.

Later on, I might suggest using Flickr to store and display any interesting images of their clients, services and products. I’m usually met with the question why would I do that, when I can just upload them to the blog site? True, but…

Reasons for a Flickr account

  1. People can view all your photos in one central place.
  2. Community can leave comments, suggest tags or leave annotated notes.
  3. Gives you another shop window to expose your business/brand.
  4. Photos have tags and can be placed in albums (sets and collections) to make navigating around the gallery easier.
  5. If the people enjoy your photos or want to know more they will visit your profile, where they can visit your website.
  6. You can easily* integrate your flickr photos with your blog posts.

* By installing Flickr4Writer!

Some of our pervious posts on flickr are flickr Marketing, How to use Flickr For Your Business – PowerPoint Slides and Why We Have A Company Flickr Account.

Windows Live Writer and Flickr4Writer

Take for example Bill of The Well Tempered Clavier, who has just got his head around the whole blogging thing. Last week I advise him to get a flickr account to upload photos of his green shirt and book signing events. No problem, Bill used Flickr’s uploader tool which makes the whole process a breeze.

Then, Bill rang me this week to see if he could insert a photo from his flickr account straight into Windows Live Writer. Without messing around with web browsers, copying and pasting, there isn’t a simple process. Unless you install Flickr4Writer extension!

  1. Step one, download the extension from Flickr4Writer
  2. Install it.
  3. Restart Windows Live Writer if you have it running.
  4. Compose your blog post.
  5. Place the cursor where you would like the image inserting.
  6. image
    Click on Insert > Flickr Image from the top drop down menu or from the right hand task menu.
  7. image
    Enter your flickr username and click on Search. Once the first images have loaded you can then choose the options from Search Type to narrow down your results. Use the left and right arrows underneath the Search button to flick through your photos. Once you have found the photo select the Picture Size and any Layout preferences. Click on Insert Image.

What additional features would you like to see in blogging tools such as Windows Live Writer?

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Our newest clients in the local rag

October 30, 2007

Its nice when our clients get some offline media coverage.


William Coles has just launched his first novel, The Well Tempered Clavier. Terinea overhauled Bills blog site.

“I remember that first weekend in Edinburgh, going up the Crags and watching the sun going down over the Castle – and it just blew me away.” Having worked his way through the ranks from being a staff reporter on The Sun to New York correspondent – at the time of the Monica Lewinsky scandal – William became a political correspondent and a commentator on the royals. But throughout it all, he harboured an ambition to write books so, when he moved to Edinburgh, he resolved to pursue that line.


The Illicit Still is our first client in Edinburgh since House of Fraser bought Jenners Department Store, to install one of our EPoS solution, commonly referred as touch screen till!


PROBABLY the first and possibly the only Edinburgh bar to utilise Facebook, The Illicit Still chronicled its recent overhaul extensively on the social networking site, as well as recruiting most of its staff through its pages.

And what an overhaul. The Brougham Place bar has been completely renovated, resembling its former incarnation in shape and size only.

The Illicit Still has two real ales on tap, with a pint of either Caley 80 Shillings or Deuchars IPA costing a modest £2.50. Their present promotion means you can down a pint of Foster’s Super Chilled for £2.20. A standard glass of wine comes in at £2.65, with a bottle at only £8.

Get in early if you fancy a shot on their Nintendo Wii, which is hooked up to the giant plasma screen.
• The Illicit Still, Brougham Place, Monday-Saturday, 11am-1am, Sunday 12.30pm-1am, 0131-228 2633


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House of Fraser buys Jenners Department Store

March 17, 2005

One of Terinea’s oldest clients and fore runners of JServe EPOS system is taken over by House of Fraser department store.

See extract from the Scotsman:-

“JENNERS is set to be taken over by retail giant House of Fraser, it was announced today. The world’s oldest independent family-run department store is understood to have accepted in principle a “very good” offer for the business. Staff at the company’s flagship Princes Street store said they were “flabbergasted” after bosses broke the news to them this morning. As well as the landmark six-storey building, the sale also includes Jenners’ outlets at Glasgow and Edinburgh airports, and at Loch Lomond. One retail analyst today said the sale price could exceed £200 million. Jenners’ 750 members of staff were called to a “balcony presentation” this morning, where directors standing in the main hall told staff of the bid. All staff will be transferred to the House of Fraser group, which has a store at the West End of Princes Street, following the acquisition. It is understood the companies are keen to conclude the deal as quickly as possible, before the start of the busy summer period, and it is thought it could be a matter of weeks before the deal is signed. The news comes just weeks after another flagship Edinburgh department store, Aitken and Niven, closed its George Street doors for the last time. The Jenners deal will also see the board of directors, including long-serving manager director Robbie Douglas Miller, ousted. Jenners has been owned by the Douglas Miller family since 1881. House of Fraser today said it would continue to trade under the Jenners name. ” Read the rest of the story on the Scotsman website at http://business.scotsman.com/topics.cfm?tid=997&id=286292005

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