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June 17, 2008

Download Day 2008

If you’ve not already installed Firefox 3 or even worst still, not even installed Firefox before (Web Browser) then today is the day to do so.

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What are Firefox profiles?

November 28, 2007

firefox profiles

As applications are increasingly becoming available online, the web browser is become more of a focal point for modern computing. If you have a computer you use for both work and play it can be a bit of hassle to signing in and out of these apps. Using Firefox profiles you have separate your web accounts.

Creating a new profile is like running Firefox for the first time, a fresh and clean Firefox without your browsing history, user details, extensions and modifications. But don’t worry your previous settings are still available under the “Default” profile. You could just have a separate profile for trying out new Firefox Add-ons.

Creating a Firefox Profile?

To create a new profiles you need to run the profile manager, which for some reason is not available within the browser. First you need to close down Firefox and open it again with the profile manager switch.

  • Windows - Start > Run > type in “firefox.exe -ProfileManager” > OK
  • Linux & Apple - With the Firefox directory (Shell) type “./firefox -ProfileManager” > Enter

That’s hard bit done, now simply click on Create Profile and the Create Profile Wizard will start. Follow the wizard and your new profile will be created and a fresh feeling Firefox will start.


Next time you run Firefox (Without -ProfileManager switch!) profile manager will start automatically allowing you to select your preferred profile. Simply un-tick Don’t ask at Startup and select Default profile to revert back to previous state.


That’s it!

Find out more about Firefox Profiles at the Mozilla website.

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