What will your blog look like in 2008?

December 23, 2007


Setting goals for any project is always a good idea, so why not set yourself some goals for your blog in 2008. Make them public too, that way you will feel a little more obliged to achieve them.

Friday was meant to be my last post for a week or so. Then I came across 2008 Blogging Goals over at Daily Blog Tips and decided to set myself and the team some blogging goals for 2008.

Increase the number of readers from 100 to 500

Maybe a bridge too far, but I might as well aim high. I would be more than happy with 200-300, but lets go with 500.

Three to four posts a week

I usually try and post 3 to 4 times a week, I would like to see this continue while maintaining a certain standard. In order to archive this goal I will need a health buffer of blog posts ready to go live for the busier periods.

Improve my grammar

I’ll be the first to admit my English isn’t great, I certainly don’t mind when people point out mistakes.

Blog Redesign

I finally managed to get around to moving the blog in the Autumn and then soon after redesigned the blog. Although, I’m not that happy with it, I could do a lot better.

Increase the average number of comments per post

Currently I have 1.4 comments per post, which is probably more like 0.9 after you remove all the track backs and our comments. It would be nice to increase this to 2-3 comments per post.

Get my co-workers to blog some more

Hopefully the guys can blog a little more, maybe once a month wouldn’t be too much to ask?

Be a guest writer

Write a guess post for someone else.


Have a go at doing a video/podcast, maybe interview another another blogger.

What are your blogging goals for 2008?

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