Two years of Edinburgh Coffee Morning – Quiz

January 20, 2009

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To celebrate two years of Edinburgh Coffee Morning the founder, Mike Coulter organised a quiz. There was a great response to the special ECM with over 35 people turning up.

There was seven teams in total and ours was the wining team (Nev, Fraser and Jim) !

Big thank you to Ewan for organising the gift for Mike for all his efforts over the past two years, thank you to Juliet for the gifts along with Mike and Centotre for hosting the event and providing a large bottle of Processco for the winning team, don’t worry team I haven’t drunk it!

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28 Tips that will improve your business blog

August 21, 2007

business women laptop

Here are 28 quick tips for anyone who is thinking about starting a blog for their business.

  1. Never direct sell your products
  2. Feature your customers
  3. Give useful advice away for free, demonstrate your knowledge
  4. Keep it business like, but not boring
  5. Give credit where it is due
  6. Tell a story
  7. Plan your posts, make a note of topics covered
  8. Add value to material you quote or link to
  9. Blog news articles about your staff, area and clients
  10. Host it on a dedicated hosting, i.e.
  11. Thinking about your audience you wish to attract, the game plan
  12. Break it up with images
  13. Keep it professional, don’t ruin it with adverts
  14. Keep it a two way affair, read other blogs and leave comments
  15. Match your blog with the company website style and formatting if possible
  16. Feature business events you attend
  17. Talk about problems your business has solved for your clients
  18. Grammar, yes I’m guilt of this one!
  19. Use attractive blog titles
  20. Space out your blog posts, blog regularly
  21. Stop emailing clients newsletters, blog it
  22. Measure and review your blog popularity
  23. Cross reference your posts with pervious posts
  24. Include key search phrases if SEO is a goal
  25. Get everyone in the company involved
  26. Think about other mediums such as Facebook and Flickr
  27. Socialise with bloggers offline, like I do at Edinburgh Coffee Morning
  28. Give it time!
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Edinburgh Coffee Morning

August 3, 2007


This mornings meeting (Edinburgh Coffee Morning) was a sell out thanks to Ewan inviting along some of his teaching/blogging colleagues.

Full report at Ewan‘s blog, but the highlights for me where…

  • Meeting Mark (Drinking coffee to the left of the picture) of the infamous Spanish Coffee Break podcast series, I think its been number one in the charts in the past year.
  • Graham Holliday of who will shortly be writing for the Guardian Food blog
  • And Ewan embarrassing me by putting me on the spot to demo 3D desktop effects in Ubuntu, generally not talking much sense.

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What is a Wiki and why are they so great?

July 19, 2007


Finally, last week I was managed to score off “Implement a company Wiki for internal documentation” off my to-do list! Within a day of using it, I’m now wondering why we didn’t start this business wiki last year!

Wiki Wookie

So what is a Wiki, and why are they so great? It could be a name for a character out of Star War, but actually its a really simple and effective way to organised information between a groups of people. Lee LeFever gives an excellent guide to what are wiki’s and how they work, fantastic video!

Wiki Resources

I must give a shout to Andy of Recent Changes, a fellow Edinburgh Coffee morning for a bunch of these resources.

  • Another video to backup concepts explain in the above video from ZDNet, a bit more businesslike
  • Still wondering how a Wiki could be used in your business, see Atlassian News for 8 Ways to use a wiki
  • Wiki Etiquette, the dos and don’ts
  • The worlds biggest Wiki, Wikipedia runs on Wikimedia
  • Remember most Wiki’s are open source, but which one of the hundred should you go with? Here’s a comprehensive list of features from WikiMatrix
  • Add-on for Firefox that allows quicker editing of Wiki’s
  • An offline Wiki Editor, for when your not connected