Operating Systems

The operating systems is the piece of software that controls your computer hardware and software programs. Sometimes it is referred as a "platform" because it provides an environment on which applications (programs) can run on top of. So for example Windows provides a platform on which your Word processing application can run.

I only use Windows

Typically most people run a version of Microsoft Windows but there are number of businesses that use alternative operating systems for a number of reasons. Infact you probably don't realise that 70% of the websites you visit are infact run on top of the Linux operating system. It is also likely your mobile runs an operating system other than Windows.

Terinea IT Support

While most companies will only support Windows, Terinea can also provide specailised support for Linux, UNIX and Apple OSX.

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Microsoft Windows Linux / UNIX Apple Mac Mobile Devices
Windows 7* Fedora / Red Hat Snow Leporad OS X 10.6 Blackberry RIM
Windows Vista Ubuntu / Centos Lepoard OS X 10.5 Google Anriod
Windows XP SuSE / Open Suse Tiger OS X 10.4 Windows Pocket PC
Windows Server Unix OS X Server iPhone
Windows 2000 Solaris Nokia

* Windows 7 is Microsofts next Operating System which will be the replacement of Windows Vista. It is likely this OS will be released later on in the year.


Your view

Will you upgrade to Windows 7 this year?

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