Network Monitoring Systems

If your business is depended on a number of IT services it should be complement by centralised system that provides an overall picture on health status of these systems. At a glance a single screen should provide you with that picture and then allow you to drill down to extract further information. Such a monitoring system should operate 24/7, offer multiple alert methods and cover a range of network devices, operating systems, services and applications.

We believe this system should be as comfortable sat outside an IT department as within one. Businesses without IT departments can identify issues and help focus third party support more efficiently. IT departments can identify issues and resolve them before the end user and ultimately the business is affected.

Using a range of Open Source projects we build solutions that enabling IT systems to talk business.

Your IT services are built upon a foundation of modular components such as servers, hardware devices and software applications. By monitoring these sub components we can monitor your business systems.

The Business

Business Systems

Business Systems

IT Services

IT Services

IT Services

IT components

IT components

IT components

IT components


  • E-mail & Personal Information Management
  • Human Resources Systems
  • Customer Relation Management
  • E-commerce
  • Stock Control Systems
  • Finance Packages
Our solutions can monitor a wide range of operating systems…
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • FreeBSD
  • Apple
by monitoring vital systems properties
  • Disk Space
  • CPU
  • System Services
  • Event Logs
  • Memory

Range of hardware devices can be monitored…

  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • RAS
  • Environmental (Temp/Hum)
  • Modems

…using various protocols

  • TCP / IP /SNMP
  • PING / SMTP / POP3

Which means IT services deployed on these platforms can be monitored...

  • Mail Services
  • Domain Name Server
  • Telnet Services
  • File Transfer Server
  • Web Server
  • Time Servers

This picture can be delivered using various methods…

  • Email / RSS
  • Web / WAP
  • Pager / SMS / FAX
  • Instant Messenger / Desktop

…presented in various statistical, graphical and historical formats…

  • Archived / Real-time
  • Bar / Pie Charts
  • Line / Scatter Graphs
  • Averages / Temporal
  • Grouped / Summarised
  • 2D & 3D Network Maps

Meaning the solution is tailored to suit your intended audiences

  • IT Departments - Helpdesk Support to IT Director
  • None IT oriented departments - Accounts to Services departments
  • Business to Business - Outsourced IT departments

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