Software Development

All key members of staff are seasoned software developers. We write in a variety of programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java and VB to name a few) covering desktop and server applications as well as web development. We are all fully conversant with SQL databases covering MS SQL Server (Including Reporting Services),  Postgresql & Mysql.

We have two major applications currently in development:


Agrimark is a leading GIS system backed by a temporal database which incorporates all the requirements to enable large companies to mark areas of land for spreading various materials/products and to control where the spreading will take place. It also records all information and documentation regarding these activities and allows complete auditing of the process.


Erni 2.0

Erni is our Enterprise Retail application that covers everything from booking goods in with a hand held terminal, through sales, shelf edge labelling, price control, stock control through to and including a finanical accounts system.  We've developed out own framework and data model using Google's SmartGWT software to create a robust Enterprise level retail application.

Additional Development

On top of our standard applications we also develop bespoke applications for clients. For instance a number of our clients run industry specific applications which aren't designed to talk to other parts of the business. Terinea has bridged this gap by writing various small programs to extract information from a number of database sources and combine that data for marketing and business analysis.  We also developed an interface through to Sony UK's systems for a local Sony Dealer that communicates stock and sales back to Sony UK.

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
Waste Web Metrics

We have developed a suite of reports under the banner "Waste Web Metrics" for the Waste industry that run on the Microsoft SQL Reporting Services and allow our clients customers to login with a web browser and produce reports on their transactions with our clients systems.  There are other areas of this system that allow our clients to look at their operational performance, produce various reports on key areas of the business and also produce group recycling performance reports.





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