Waste Management Software


The All-in-One Waste Management Solution

WasteMetrix provides an integrated waste management system that helps businesses streamline their operations and achieve greater efficiency. Our system has been designed to cater to various vertical markets, including compost recycling, aggregate recycling, anaerobic digestate plants, farming, and waste management. By centralizing all aspects of waste management into one platform, Waste Metrics reduces complexity, makes training easier, and prevents double handling of data, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined business.

Efficient Waste Management for Your Business

Our system manages over £100 million worth of waste per year, and it includes a range of features that make waste management easy and efficient. For instance, our weighbridge aspect enables accurate weight measurement of waste, while our logistics transport feature ensures efficient handling and transportation of waste. Moreover, Waste Metrics is equipped with advanced reporting capabilities that provide insightful data analysis, allowing businesses to identify areas for improvement and optimize their waste management operations.

Powerful HR Capabilities

WasteMetrix offers powerful HR capabilities that enable businesses to manage their employees and shift patterns effectively. Our system includes employee expense management and control, as well as stock control to track goods received and sold. We also have supplier invoice matching capabilities to compare invoices with orders, automatically sending invoices to customers along with copies of relevant tickets. By anticipating and resolving potential issues, Waste Metrics helps businesses avoid barriers to payment and promote timely payment from customers.

Integrated Waste Management Made Easy

At Terinea, we believe in making waste management easy and efficient. Our integrated system allows for a single customer profile to be used across all aspects of waste management, reducing complexity and preventing double handling of data. This approach streamlines the entire waste management process, making it easier to train employees and achieve greater efficiency. Our system also provides insightful data analysis that helps businesses make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Examples of Waste Management Success

WasteMetrix has been successfully implemented by a range of waste management companies, including those specializing in compost recycling and aggregate recycling. One of our customers, for instance, operates four sites in the UK, where they take in green waste, create compost, and generate electricity from biomass boilers. Another customer has a massive wash plant that separates muck into individual aggregates, sand, and other materials that are then sold back to building companies. WasteMetrix has helped these companies achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline their operations.

Get Started with WasteMetrix Today

If you’re looking for an all-in-one waste management solution that can help your business achieve greater efficiency, look no further than WasteMetrix. Our powerful, integrated system provides advanced waste management capabilities, streamlined HR features, and insightful reporting and data analysis. Get started today and see the benefits of WasteMetrix for yourself!